Enjoy wine wherever you go 🍷

This handcrafted collapsible wine table is a must have for all wine lovers. It is designed to hold all the elements of the classic picnic - bottle of wine, two glasses and a plate of your favourite wine parings.


Baltic birch plywood table folds flat and locks in both positions, open and closed.

Fiberglass rod pushes into the ground with little effort. It works in grass, dirt and sand.

Includes two convenient handles for easy carrying.

Now you shouldn't be afraid of spilling your favourite Italian wine or even breaking a glass from a set. Moreover, it looks so classy, made of solid hard wood.

Fold & setup within seconds

Organizer-table made of wood. It is suitable for all those who like to enjoy a glass of wine with delicious cheese or fruit. And also sit in the company of friends and drink another glass. Did we mentioned that you can set it up within seconds? 

Handmade organizer is made of environmental and quality materials. The height of this product is 17 cm and the diameter is 30 cm. In this product you can conveniently place glasses, a bottle of wine and snacks which are so lacking at the right moment.

Grassy glades are perfect for picnicking, but definitely not ideal for keeping Beer cups and open bottles upright.

Clever collapsible table is designed to hold all the elements of a classic picnic: two glasses, a wine bottle, and a plate full of your favorite pairings.

The Baltic birch plywood design folds flat, locks in both open and closed positions, and incorporates two convenient handles.


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